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Heart Pounding, Concert Quality Sound

Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of any DJ system. But, it can be tough to tell exactly what you’re getting with most DJs. You might hear about how many “watts” a DJ's sound system puts out or the size of their speakers. But, here's a secret: those things have very little to do with the quality of sound you’ll experience at your event. At Thunder & Lightning, all of our systems are equipped with powerful high-end, professional quality Turbosound® audio components. With crystal clear highs and chest thumping bass, it's the way music was meant to be heard. In other words, you'll get that concert-level sound you need for a great event!

Incredible Bass

Let's be honest, nobody wants to dance without bass. Most DJs underestimate the massive amount of audio needed to create that dance environment. Not us. We've got a ridiculously impressive audio system.

Ultimate Quality

No matter what size system is right for your event, every Thunder & Lightning audio system provides you with the best audio performance for your money. We continually invest in best audio technology so that your event will be the best it can be. Why settle for anything less?

Non-Stop Fun

When the music stops, so does the fun. That's why we've developed an extensive backup plan and invested in redundant equipment. It might be something that you haven't thought about but you shouldn't settle for a DJ who might let you down in the middle of your dance.